Student Zone

Student Zone

In addition to teaching you to drive, I also provide full support to help you keep safe on the road and ensure that you have covered the DVSA syllabus.
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How To Get Started

Find out what you need to do and to know in order to pass your test.


Sandra follows the syllabus set out by the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA).

The Tests

There are two tests you need to take to gain a full driving licence:
The Theory test
The Practical Driving test

Theory Test Pro

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Book Your Theory Test

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Book Your Practical Driving Test

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Show Me, Tell Me

The examiner will ask you two vehicle safety questions during your car driving test, one to carry out a safety task and one to explain how you would carry out a safety task.

DVSA Videos

Check out the DVSA Videos for a clearer idea of what your practical test entails.

Road Safety Partners

Videos providing information to help you get your licence and keep it

Pass Plus

Build upon your existing skills and knowledge and increase confidence after you have passed your test.